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The Beginning of WeTalk

WeTalk International was previously known as Advocacy Study Center founded by Qian Ru Zeng during Emperor Guangxu’s Reign in Shandong. The Advocacy Study Center acquired its ideological basis from traditional Chinese society of filial piety which produced numerous talents who were renowned as artists and poets.

The Advocacy Study Center gave its utmost importance to principles of intelligence with strong character building for these are real foundations for worthwhile success of all learners.

Through the passage of time, Advocacy Studies had developed into Chinese Cultural Studies in the 21st century. Upholding age-old principles, the Advocacy Studies continues to affect the relationships between parents, teachers, and students forming the close-knit trinity of education, representing the past, the present and the future.

The evolving Advocacy Studies are once again becoming the foundation of education.

In order to reach out more students, WeTalk International will be launching virtual classrooms. This will make it possible for students all around the world to study “anywhere” and “anytime”. At the same time, WeTalk International welcomes like-minded individuals to join our franchise. Together, the possibilities are endless!
WeTalk International places great emphasis and importance on our education pedagogy and methodology to bring the best of learning and teaching to our students.
At WeTalk, we have a variety of well-tested methodologies:

One-on-one learning course experience with a foreign teacher worth 688 RMB

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